The Second "Annual" Lake Marinole Regatta

28 July 2001

row, row, row your boat...

Bon Voyage!

Can you guess who swallowed the canary
William,Shawn or Verne?

...then you shake it all about.



FBI's most wanted.


A race to the finish!


Bumper Boats

Andrew shows some concern as Melanie and Mike move in...
Jennifer thinks they're kidding.

Full speed ahead! Cap'n Bob with firstmate.

A great day to get together with

family, friends and neighbors.


A successful roll...
and out for a burger.



The girls refuse to give up their chairs.

These guys have found their own chairs.


Which one will be the lucky winner?


Marilyn secretly plots her strategy...

...but Evan is on to her!

Frank is working on a plan of his own.

Bocce Ball

Dottie and Butter
sending smoke signals.

Hamburger look alike contest

Pedalling Wares


Photography by
John Valassaides
Verne and Sheila Morland

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